Although Australia is a long way from Louisiana - the zydeco epicentre, the various websites, in particular Gary Hayman’s superb one, make it easier to feel part of the scene.

www.neworleansproducts.comThis is a great website with a comprehensive range of zydeco and cajun music, including our CD. All your Mardi Gras and Louisiana needs, including Mardi Gras beads, are available here.

The Blues at Bridgetown - Every 2nd weekend in November. Great Blues music and fantastic atmosphere over 3 days!

Gary Hayman website
This is the only website any zydeco fan needs.
This is the bible, all else is just commentary.

Zachary Richard
A fantastic performer, and master of the genre
Snake Bite Love – is a favourite album and song.

Accordions ‘n folk
It is essential to have a good accordion repairer. Christiaan Dolislager in Parramatta Road, Sydney, is an expert great repairer. You canspend a fun hour in his shop chatting and looking at the variety of instruments. You might just walk out with a tuba or a copy of our CD! Check out his accordions online.

What Bayou Trading Company
A great shop in the centre of Opelousas and zydeco country. Chat with Cheryl Castille and look at the great variety of Louisiana artistry and music. Our CD is stocked there.

Andy Robillard has constructed this great website for us. His business is in animation and is a fan of zydeco as well! He is located in Maroubra Beach.

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