SqueezeBox Boogaloo hit the Sydney scene in 1999 with its infectious zydeco rhythms.

Back in 1990, Geoff Tofler, then living in Boston, was blown away by the live sounds of Geno Delafose and Wayne Toups. Geoff contacted Randy Falcon in Louisiana to lay hands on two button accordions (Bflat and D), to add to a Hohner piano accordion.
Many trips to Louisiana and Escoheag, RI, and nights listening and dancing to zydeco at Bostons Johnny D’s and Harpers Ferry, led to Craw Not Craw. A favourite moment for Craw was opening for Buckwheat Zydeco at the Harpers Ferry Blues Festival in Boston.

When Geoff returned to Australia in 1998, establishing a zydeco band was a priority.   With SqueezeBox Boogaloo now having been around for more than 11 years  … put on your dancing shoes once more for SqueezeBox Boogaloo


Band Members

Geoff Tofler
Geoff grew up playing rock and blues piano. He now has 5 accordions, including 2 one row button accordions from Randy Falcon in Duson, Louisiana. 13 years in Boston, with frequent trips to Louisiana, led to Geoff’s long-standing love affair with zydeco. Favourite performers are Lyn August, Geno Delafose, Keith Frank, Nathan Williams, Zachary Richard and Steve Riley, together with the late Boozoo Chavis and Beau Jocque.

Eric Richard
Originally from Bordeaux, France, Eric spent some years in New Caledonia before coming to Sydney. Eric has played a variety of styles – reggae, soul, blues – but has immersed himself in the cajun and zydeco traditions. Our native French speaker.

Raoul Hawkins
Raoul’s musical career has evolved from bass to brass – from rock to klezmer (he is also the founding member of Klezmer Connexion). He is great on alto and soprano saxophone as well as rubboard.

Robert Coady
Robert was born in Sydney, Australia. He grew up with a talent for drawing and an appreciation of music leading to playing the drums. He and Michel played in several bands together on leaving school.

Michel Brouet
Michel was born in Sydney, Australia and grew up to the sound of 60's pop and rock, forming his first band in high school. He has played bass with many of Sydney's colourful musos including John Baxter (Buffalo) and Phil Key (La De Das, Band of Light), recording and releasing albums with rock band Southern Cross and new wave band The Press, mid and late 70's.Michel retired from performing in 1990, returning to the stage in 2006 and became a member of Squeezebox Boogaloo in 2011.



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